A Courier’s Life

This is a special playstyle for Skyrim that I built earlier this year.  I was going to keep it to myself but I’ve had so much fun playing it, I figured other folks might like it too!  I’m featuring it on my ExtraLife marathon stream on Twitch because it’s very marathon-like and pretty perfect for the event.

The Big Idea – Your Skyrim character is a rookie courier who has been given two messages to deliver.  One is to go to a Khajit named M’aiq that no one seems to be able to find!   How long can you survive in the harsh world of Skyrim as a courier.  (This does involve using the add gold cheat for getting paid.)

I’ll get more details uploaded when I have more time but the notes for the playstyle are below!


-Hardcore – Only one life!
-Frostfall on  and must eat at least twice a day.
-No fast travel!
-Must sleep at least 6 – 8 hours a night.
-Can take any and all “messenger” or courier type in-game missions.
-Cannot take any “Quest” missions unless ordered by a Jarl or Jarl’s officer.
-Must use “Wait” for any crafting, eating, resting type activities.
-Character may hunt and sell skins, horns, etc. but it should not take the character too far “off road.”
-Character may loot corpses from defending themselves or corpses found.
Character may not carry over 75 lbs of equipment!
-Character may begin with only one courier mission until that mission is completed.
-Once first mission completed character may roll for TWO missions and decide how to proceed.
-Once second mission is finished, courier may roll to have a maximum of THREE missions running at the same time.

Each successful courier mission = 1d6 100 gold
Add indicated amount of gold    player.additem 0000000f [number]

Get as many Courier points as possible before death.
Make enough through courier missions and in other ways to buy a house.

Successfully deliver message to Mi’ake = 20 points
Successfully deliver subsequent messages – 5 points per message.. (no dragging your feet here!) You may stop for breaks and food and to warm up if using a mod like Frostfall.  At each break you must use the Wait command for at least one hour.

Random Courier Missions!!!

Roll 1d6 =
1-3 = A City
4-5 = A Town
6    = A Settlement

Cities  (Roll 1d10)
1 – Markarth
2 – Riften
3 -Solitude
4 -Whiterun
5 -Windhelm
6 – Dawnstar
7 – Falkreath
8 = Morthal
9 – Winterhold
10 – Player Choice or roll again

Towns (Roll D8)
1 – Dragon Bridge
2 – Helgen
3 – High Hrothgar
4 – Ivarstead
5 – Karthwasten
6 – Riverwood
7 – Rorikstead
8 – Shor’s Stone

Settlements  (Roll D10)
1 – Kynesgrove
2 – Anga’s Mill
3 – Stonehills
4 – Half-Moon Mill
5 – Darkwater Crossing
6 – Goldenglow Estate
7 – Heartwood Mill
8 – Stonehills
9 – Mixwater Mill
10 – Thalmor Embassy

Once your location is decided, go to a Skyrim wiki and look up the location. ( I like this one for this!)  If it is in groups/buildings I first roll for the building and then dice to figure out WHO I will be delivering to and, wah-lah, you have your assignment.

Good luck!


It’s For The Kids! ExtraLife 2014

For the past ten days I have been getting ready for tomorrow.  Tomorrow, Extra Life 2014 kicks off at 9 AM my time and I’ll be there to kick it off.  What is Extra Life?  Well, in brief, it’s an nationwide 24 Hour gaming marathon where gamers will be raising money for the Children’s Hospital Network.  Locally, I will be playing Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis.

I can’t wait.


This is my second year and this time around I have several fun and creative things planned around my game play.  For the most part, I will be playing video games and livestreaming on my Twitch stream which I’ve been working very hard on all week to get as good as it can be with my limping older laptop.   If not computer gaming, I’ll be playing games with the family and friends and, if I need a boost in the middle of the night, I’m going to break out my solo rpg rules I’ve been working on!  I’m hoping to stream as much of it as I can!

In the next post I’ll be putting the rules up for my special variation/challenge of Skyrim play that I’m very excited to show off.  I’ve not seen anything like it and I’ve had a blast playtesting it.  It fits in perfectly with the marathon theme and promises to be entertaining.

Here’s my profile page for Extra Life if you are interested in helping me help the kids!