Roleplaying games, Wargames and Strategy Games

Oh, my inspiration, my curse, where do I start with you?

Gaming has been in my life since I first opened that Dungeons and Dragons box back in 1970-something.  It looked like just a normal cardboard boxed game.  How was I to know it would be a literal Pandora’s Box and become an ever present inspiration in my life from that day forward?  It led me to my longest stint in employment, working as a manager for a local game store for almost fifteen years.  More importantly, it’s what led me to writing.  If a time-traveller ever needed to mess with my life all they would need to do is to go back and stop me from opening that box.

The energy and fun which can happen around a table when a small group of people all agree to share a story is nothing short of magical.  I sometimes compare it to golf or bird-watching.  If you’re an outsider, it looks like one of the most boring activities on the planet.  However, if you’re involved, most of the time it’s anything but boring.  Hopefully, if you’re a non-gamer, I can help you see some of that magic.

For the last several years, due to family and work and other adult-type scheduling, I’ve not been able to really manage a game group.  Since then, I’ve discovered games like Mythic, it’s GM-Emulator, and other solo games which has led me to having a blast creating my own game worlds and stories.  It’s a fringe edge of a fringe hobby but I’ve found it to be quite a blast and within it are some of the most creative people around!


Computer Games

I’m one of those old geeks who can remember my father bringing home a weird thing you attached to the back of the television set.  After it was hooked up, the television would show a black and white screen that looked  like a ping pong table.  It had these hand controllers with round knobs which you held in your hand and when you spun the knob the little white wall would slide up and down.  It was called Pong and it’s the great great grandfather of Skyrim.

Since then I’ve been playing computer games.  I’ve run through the jungles in Pitfall, dared the dangers of Zork, crawled through the dungeons of Pool of Radiance and, well, you get the idea.  When Multi-player worlds showed up I was signing on and trying out Ultima, Asheron’s Call and others.  It’s a vast and amazing playground of the mind.  Like the real world, it can be brutally violent, radical, bizarre and extraordinarily fun.

I did a brief stint on worlds like Second Life and some stories set in City of Heroes but this is the first time I’ve really dared to step out and write about them.  Currently, my love and interest is focused an old love, Flight Simulator X or FSX which was just reborn on Steam.  Coupled with a free online game world called FSEconomy and that’s where a lot of my free time is going!  So much so that I started a separate page in order to chronicle some of the adventures.  There is also a game you might have heard of called Skyrim?  Yeah, that and another great little game called Minecraft   form the trifecta of my gaming right now.  I also do some gamecasting but it has fallen a bit by the wayside.  If you’re curious about it then come over and check out my video channel, Yoteden Gametime  I do a series of something called “Let’s Play” where I basically take you along with me as I play the game. (The game channel has not really got off the ground due to intense employment and Life in general)

If you’d like to follow my other exploits and hobbies which involve nature, bushcraft,  and living a simple happy life you can head over to my home blog which is here! -> The Yote Den


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