A week after the downing of the large alien ship a series of troubling reports began to come in.  The aliens had changed their tactics.  They were actively attacking and killing citizens, not just abducting them.  Another alien had also been seen.  A spidery, monsterous thing dubbed a Chryssalid from the eggheads in the lab.


It wasn’t long before a report came in from the terror-stricken South American continent  Rosario, Argentina.  The city was under attack, citizens were in extreme danger and the Earth Monkey Strike Team was scrambled!


Coordinates of the center of the attack were uploaded to the SkyRanger and the team landed in a dark downtown area engulfed in flames and screams.  Word had come in several civilians using a small convenience store for cover.  The team were to rescue as many as possible and neutralize the alien threat.

Just as the team reached the store, two chryssalids burst into the store.  One charged the EMST squad and another rushed at a civilian.  The charging chryssalid plowed through a hail of gunfire and seemed to be unstoppable.  Luckily, it was dropped by “Hardcore” only feet from the grouped squad.

Heavy Shootemup

Squaddie Bledsoe lept into action with Osborne and the two were able to stop the second chrysallid from killing the civilian.  A close call!  The squad moved in, secured the store and rescued several civilians.

As the civilians ran to the Skyranger the team found themselves in one of the more intense situations they had faced.  Two groups of floaters began to attack the team from two different directions.  One pair, busting through the flaming wall of the store wounded “Combo” sending him to the ground before being killed by combine fire from Osborne and Norris.


Sqd. Bledsoe made his second courageous move of the day to save a civilian and dropped  the second floater as it charged at a civilian.

civilian save

Meanwhile, Corporal “Black Widow” Roberts was doing her best to keep the right flank secure as floaters came against the team. Her shots did not connect but she was able to halt the floaters in their advance and sending them diving for cover.  It gave enough time for “Hardcore” and Osborne to get into position and through teamwork, take out the two floaters.


“Combo” was stabilized and taken back to the SkyRanger.  A careful sweep of the area by “Hardcore”, Norris and Bledsoe showed no more alien activity and over the course of several minutes the team was able to rescue 15 civilians total.  All were hurried back to the SkyRanger and the area was evacuated.

The team returned back to the base amid cheers from the North American team. Rookie Bledsoe was promoted to Corporal for his life-saving actions and “Brick” Osborne was promoted to Sergeant.   Lt. “Combo” was sent back to the med. unit and would be recovering for nearly a week.

Once again, the Earth Monkeys had done well!

How long could it last?


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