Two More Touchdowns

Alien missions began to come faster for the Earth Monkey Strike Team.  April 22nd brought notification of alien abductions in St. Petersburg.  With Combo and Hughes injured and in the med unit again, the team was led by Lt. “Hardcore” Norris.  To get the full squad more trained, a new rookie, Rookie Mayhugh was invited to come along for the “fun.”

A few days prior to the terror mission in Argentina, an anonymous benefactor on the international Council brought new armor modifications to the North American base.  After the terror mission,  the team wasted no time designing their own look.



Operation Purple Shark went well and within moments of contact, Rookie Mayhugh had her 1st kill against a pack of Thin Men.


Shortly afterwards, though another Thin Man group appeared on the left flank and caught the team without cover.  Fortunately, Sgt. “Brick” Osborne took care of the situation with a well-placed rocket blast.

As the team moved through the construction buildings, “Black Widow” Roberts took the high ground on the second floor of a taller structure.  With her sniper rifle covering the team, two more sectoids were introduced to the Black Widow’s careful aim.


Within moments, the area was secured with no casualties.  Rookie Mayhugh, on recommendation from Black Widow, was promoted to Sniper.

Within five days, another ship was spotted over Canada and after scrambling the newly modified Raven, the Earth Monkeys had another mission to get into!  This time, Squad B (Banana Squad or, possibly, Bozo Squad) was formed as Corporal Roberts, husband to Black Widow, took over command of the secondary team.  With Cpl. Hughes also out of medical care, she was included into the team as well.  To add depth to the unit, Rookie Moser was also assigned.


Operation Blind Chant took place in a remote Canadian wetland and this time it carried a special assignment.  Retrieve a crystalline alien that was often reported inside the vessel.

Shortly after landing the team handled themselves very well when a squad of floaters appeared unexpectedly on the right flank.  Squaddie Moser revealed fine accuracy while under fire and assisted in eliminating the floaters.  Once it was determined the exterior of the ship was secure, Cpl. Roberts ordered the team to an opening on the ship discovered on the far left side.  As the team moved into position the crystal alien formed itself to their presence.   It quickly moved to a position directly next to the ship’s opening.


Cpl. Roberts ordered Bledsoe, Mayhugh and Moser to lay down covering and overwatch while Cpl. Hughes and Roberts would charge into the ship to capture the crystal alien.  Roberts would provide support as Hughes was trained in the Arc Thrower she lovingly called her “Pokeball.”  It was determined that the ship appeared clear and with the team in position, Cpl Hughes and Roberts charged directly towards the alien!


Unfortunately, a Thin Man alien had been hiding in the nooks and crannies of the vessel.  He was far enough into the ship no other team member had a clear line of fire and the alien immediately fired on the pair.  Cpl. Roberts was able to put himself between the alien and Cpl Hughes and took the shot onto his shoulder armor.  Thankfully, the attack did little damage.


Roberts diverted towards the Thin Man while Cpl. Hughes, issuing a long line of profanity, fired her Arc Thrower at close range into the crystalline entity.  In a double play, both team members were successful.  Cpl Roberts’ shotgun sent the Thin Man sprawling back into an alien console and the crystal alien fell to a heap on the ground, immobilized.

A close call but a complete success!

Afterwards, all members of the team were given accolades.  Sqd. Moser had done well his work early in the mission and was promoted.  Cpl. Roberts was promoted to Sgt and given the nickname “Cobra” for his fast action and thinking in the situation.  Cpl. Hughes began calling him “Cobra Commander.”  Cpl. Bledsoe was promoted to Sgt. as well and the assault trooper was appropriately nicknamed “Werewolf” for his ferocity on the field.

The crystal entity was delivered to the Research department and the team retired for several long drinks at the Barracks.   One question was of major concern.  How long could the Earth Monkeys keep up their run of success?




Roleplaying Update

In between all this X-com nerdiness, I have a happy announcement for those of you patient, roleplaying folks that have listened to me go on about my homebrew roleplaying game.  If all goes well, I’m happy to announce that over the past few years I will FINALLY be ready to be publish the ruleset here on the blog.  I’m going over the document now, making some editing changes and making sure it looks good for it’s PDF preview.

I’ve implemented one big change which I’ve implemented as sort of a “last turn of the wrench” before finally just telling myself to “be done.”  The big change was to change the XP system by turning it around 180 degrees.  Where as before it was based on the system’s version of Critical Hits it is now based on a character’s failures.  That is, after all, how we learn, right?

Overall, I’m very happy and excited for what is to come over the next few weeks!  Hopefully, your patience will be rewarded!  Thanks for hanging on this long!




Mission of Terror

A week after the downing of the large alien ship a series of troubling reports began to come in.  The aliens had changed their tactics.  They were actively attacking and killing citizens, not just abducting them.  Another alien had also been seen.  A spidery, monsterous thing dubbed a Chryssalid from the eggheads in the lab.


It wasn’t long before a report came in from the terror-stricken South American continent  Rosario, Argentina.  The city was under attack, citizens were in extreme danger and the Earth Monkey Strike Team was scrambled!


Coordinates of the center of the attack were uploaded to the SkyRanger and the team landed in a dark downtown area engulfed in flames and screams.  Word had come in several civilians using a small convenience store for cover.  The team were to rescue as many as possible and neutralize the alien threat.

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