After XCOM satellites picked up an alien craft over Colorado (probably over Denver, you know?) a Raven was scrambled for an intercept. After interecept the Raven downed the alien ship which then crash landed in the Colorado wilderness.


Almost before the craft hit the ground, the Earth Monkey Strike Team was scrambled and assigned to the site.  the objectives of Operation Brutal Stranger – survey the site, eliminate hostiles and gather alien technology. Assigned to the mission were the following XCOM Agents, Niedzwiecki, Roberts, Hughes and the newly healed Squaddie Norris.


Upon landing the team was able to locate the craft easily and found it relatively intact.  While closing distance to the craft, Squaddie Norris and Hughes reported a new, hostile alien life form comprised almost entirely of energy.  The creature was within the ship and aware of the team.  As the squad moved into position another two sectoids were reported within the vehicle.

The new alien discharged a powerful weapon which disintegrated the tree Sqd Roberts was hiding behind as well as most of his power armor.  While he retreated back to be healed by Niedzwiecki, Hughes provided covering fire.


At this point, Sqd. Norris reported two more sectoids engaging from the right flank.  Sqd. Niedzwiecki handled one with an excellent rifle shot from around a tree stump and Sqd. Norris charged the second hostile and eliminated it with a close range shotgun blast thus securing the right flank.  Sqd. Norris then moved into position directly next to the alien craft in order to flank the new life form.


Meanwhile, Sqd. Hughes had come under fire from the unknown alien with the powerful beam weapon.  After taking damage to her battle armor and herself, Sqd. Hughes reported over the comm that she simply “had enough” and lobbed a grenade at the alien within the alien ship.  The grenade was expertly thrown and landed directly between the alien’s feet.  Unfortunately, the resulting explosion disintegrated the life form rendering nothing left for further study.

It also destroyed the hull of the ship which Sqd. Norris had been using for cover.

Before the two sectoids inside the ship could unleash barrages at Sqd. Norris, Sqd Niedzwiecki was able to pop a smoke grenade to provide extra cover.  Norris scrambled quickly around the right side of the ship and avoided ending up back in the medical wing for another week, or worse.  A string of profanities was recorded on the comm link.

After the help of Sqd. Niedzwiecki’s new medikit (thanks R&D!), Sqd. Roberts moved into position on the left side of the alien craft while the team regrouped.  Sqd. Norris and Niedzwiecki moved to the right side.  Sqd. Hughes provided covering fire and promised over the radio to not use her rocket launcher unless, “this shit gets any worse.”

Once the two Assault teams were in place, the signal was given and Norris and Roberts operated a simultaneous run and gun maneuver now being called the Banana Smasher by the team.  Both members were able to successfully eliminate the very surprised remaining sectoids.



The team secured the area and spent far too much time trying to scoop the remains of the unknown life form into a ziplock.  Regardless of the failure to determine the unknown life form, the team was able to recover large amounts of alien tech and four non-exploded sectoid bodies for study.

Upon return to the XCOM base, both Roberts and Hughes were placed in medical care for several days.  Sqd. Niedzwiecki was promoted to Corporal for excellent leadership during the operation.

In addition, Sqd Hughes has been given a stern reprimand regarding the use of explosives in close proximity to other team members.


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