Blogus Interruptus

wrongturnI’m Back!

Boy, did I take a wrong turn somewhere.  One minute I was talking about a solo Superhero game, GenCon and helping out a Children’s hospital and the next I’m stuck in a dramatic spiral of real life.  Next thing I know it’s a new year with a new job, I’ve got a bunch of hours wracked up on Steam flying a virtual plane and I’ve somehow managed to get most of a RPG rules set written out without ONE SINGLE POST on my gaming blog.

What a goon.

I think I’m going to simply call 2014 a warm-up for the real deal in 2015 and move forward.  Let’s not dwell too much on the past, shall we?

Back in July or so I stated I was going to run a Supers Solo Sandbox game here.  Well, I got started on that and then quickly came to realize that I could not find a RPG ruleset which worked for me.  I’m a huge fan of the FU RPG for most of my solo gaming but I was still having trouble with it, especially when it came to things like super powers.  I wanted… uh… I wanted… something else!  I just wasn’t sure what.  As one of my kids used to say when he was younger, “I want… I want.. I want a something!”

Then, Synchronicity/Fate/Muses stepped forward and in a bizarre series of events I stumbled across an old RPG game I had written up back in the early 90’s.  Can’t really explain it any better than that.  I was sorting through old boxes and there it was.  Looking through it I found a mechanic or two I liked which led me to the inevitable words, “Hey, I think I can do something with this.”  About that time, the Real Life Spiral started shortly around and after GenCon and I was off to the races and dealing with, well, uh, Real Life Stuff.

Still, I poked at it when I could and wrote notes on index cards and post-its, mused on it as I took our dog out for long walks.  I shaved off sections of the old text and re-wrote new sections that needed smoothing.  I re-tooled the magic/special abilities section and, in a handful of quick play throughs just last week, everything appeared to work.  I’m currently very happy with the results and am in the process of getting it away from a clunky text file and into a nicely organized PDF.  What am I going to do after that?  Well, read on!

Consider, for your review, a late list of goals for 2015 and this blog.

  • Finish up the new RPG rules, playtest them, hone them and then release them here for FREE, to the public.  (I’d like to have them done by Summer.)  Yes, you heard me right.  Free.
  • Using the new rules, I’ll begin posting the solo Superhero game here and, at the same time, begin building my own superhero world which anyone and everyone can start having fun with themselves.
  • Using the new rules, I would like to also post one shots and other games as the year goes along.
  • More posts from the computer game side of things.  This will be videos, stories and whatnot.  I was going to post them on forum boards but I figured I’d keep everything in one place.  Vids, of course, will be linked from my Youtube account.
  • Prepare for Extra Life 2015 by starting a new team which includes my friends and family.  Not only do I want to build the team but I want to prepare as many fun events for the team on Event day as possible.
  • Be ready for GenCon in August.  Pics, reviews, daily reports, etc.
  • And, finally, are you ready for this?  Weekly postings at the minimum.

Yeah, I’m not sure I believe that last one either!

And, yes, I said, “Free.”


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