A Courier’s Life

This is a special playstyle for Skyrim that I built earlier this year.  I was going to keep it to myself but I’ve had so much fun playing it, I figured other folks might like it too!  I’m featuring it on my ExtraLife marathon stream on Twitch because it’s very marathon-like and pretty perfect for the event.

The Big Idea – Your Skyrim character is a rookie courier who has been given two messages to deliver.  One is to go to a Khajit named M’aiq that no one seems to be able to find!   How long can you survive in the harsh world of Skyrim as a courier.  (This does involve using the add gold cheat for getting paid.)

I’ll get more details uploaded when I have more time but the notes for the playstyle are below!


-Hardcore – Only one life!
-Frostfall on  and must eat at least twice a day.
-No fast travel!
-Must sleep at least 6 – 8 hours a night.
-Can take any and all “messenger” or courier type in-game missions.
-Cannot take any “Quest” missions unless ordered by a Jarl or Jarl’s officer.
-Must use “Wait” for any crafting, eating, resting type activities.
-Character may hunt and sell skins, horns, etc. but it should not take the character too far “off road.”
-Character may loot corpses from defending themselves or corpses found.
Character may not carry over 75 lbs of equipment!
-Character may begin with only one courier mission until that mission is completed.
-Once first mission completed character may roll for TWO missions and decide how to proceed.
-Once second mission is finished, courier may roll to have a maximum of THREE missions running at the same time.

Each successful courier mission = 1d6 100 gold
Add indicated amount of gold    player.additem 0000000f [number]

Get as many Courier points as possible before death.
Make enough through courier missions and in other ways to buy a house.

Successfully deliver message to Mi’ake = 20 points
Successfully deliver subsequent messages – 5 points per message.. (no dragging your feet here!) You may stop for breaks and food and to warm up if using a mod like Frostfall.  At each break you must use the Wait command for at least one hour.

Random Courier Missions!!!

Roll 1d6 =
1-3 = A City
4-5 = A Town
6    = A Settlement

Cities  (Roll 1d10)
1 – Markarth
2 – Riften
3 -Solitude
4 -Whiterun
5 -Windhelm
6 – Dawnstar
7 – Falkreath
8 = Morthal
9 – Winterhold
10 – Player Choice or roll again

Towns (Roll D8)
1 – Dragon Bridge
2 – Helgen
3 – High Hrothgar
4 – Ivarstead
5 – Karthwasten
6 – Riverwood
7 – Rorikstead
8 – Shor’s Stone

Settlements  (Roll D10)
1 – Kynesgrove
2 – Anga’s Mill
3 – Stonehills
4 – Half-Moon Mill
5 – Darkwater Crossing
6 – Goldenglow Estate
7 – Heartwood Mill
8 – Stonehills
9 – Mixwater Mill
10 – Thalmor Embassy

Once your location is decided, go to a Skyrim wiki and look up the location. ( I like this one for this!)  If it is in groups/buildings I first roll for the building and then dice to figure out WHO I will be delivering to and, wah-lah, you have your assignment.

Good luck!


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