The Summer Arkham Twitter Log

(This was posted on the Yoteden back in the summer of 2013.  Enjoy and if you think I should do something like this again, let me know!)


Over the July 4th holiday weekend, my family reserved an afternoon and evening and busted open our copy of Arkham Horror with 2 extra expansions.  As an experiment, I started running a live-feed Twitter log of the gaming fun.  The game ended up being a total grind and lasting 9 hours.  The first tweet occurred at 2:28 PM and the final game win was announced at 11:22 PM.  We had two extended breaks in there as we had to break to stretch our legs as well as dealing with our jealous puppy who did not understand why he could not play as well. I’m betting, when you figure in the breaks, it was only 6 hours of game time. Snacks were consumed, walks were taken and, in the end, Yog-Sothoth was held back from coming into our reality.


Below I present, in order from first to last, the twitter log that was generated.  I enjoyed seeing it all together more than I thought I would and it really does work as a journal of the experience.  I see places where I wish I would have added more and ways I’ll improve it should I do something similar in the future.

Anyway, I present it here for your reading enjoyment including the pics taken and posted as part of the log.  I also removed the overly repetitive #SummerArkham hashtag I used to organize it all on Twitter.



We’re about to start a game of Arkham Horror and I’ll be live tweeting my character’s spiral into doom!

I’ve drawn my character and am playing Mark Harrigan, The Soldier. HAH! We also have the drifter, the magician and the doctor.

Harrigan is equipped with +1 Speed and Enchanted Jewelry and he is FABULOUS!

And our nemesis is….. Yog-Sothoth! Hmmmmmm wormy!

Harrigan heads to the Silver Lodge after the police proclaim a cult crackdown. Looking for more information at the Lodge.

One portal open on Unvisited Isle and it comes up again. Monster surge and 5 monsters are hanging out on an island. #badplace

Harrigan is now a member of the Silver Twilight Lodge. For only $3!!! What a bargain!

Harrigan has headed to the Black Cave, killed a fire vampire and has been sucked into a portal. Plateau of Leng is pretty.

Small break as dog is walked and snacks acquired. Game is going well with two characters having a chance to seal two gates!

Harrigan’s stroll through the Plateau of Leng was uneventful (WHAT?) and he steps out the other side to seal the gate…

Our Magician has a magical Sword of Glory, magical cloak and 3 spells. Just walked through a Shoggoth like it “aint no thing.”

Harrigan seals the gate and heads to Hibbs Roadhouse for a drink. It’s there that nothing actually happens… #QuietArkham

Meanwhile, we’ve had two monster surges @ the Woods which bounced the Terror track twice. All other invstgtors are in portals.

Meanwhile, The drifter is adrift in another dimension, being stuck there for 5 turns in a row.

Harrigan rushes off, jumps in a portal and after a particularly scary experience, makes it out and seals a second gate.

We’ve had 5 monster surges all out of Unvisited Isle. 3 of these have been in a row!  #ShuffleAgain?

@Brandx_23 sneaks her magician past a wave of monsters, kills a Mi-Go & jumps into the final portal for a possible win! (Wow!)

Extended break as we deal with a rebellious puppy…

Harrigan heads to the Hist. Society, encounters a geology student who proceeds to get him lost in the Black Cave for one turn.

Meanwhile, the Magician makes her way through the Abyss w/a chance to close the final portal & win the game! Will know shortly

Wow. The Yog-sothoth cultists come out in a swarm from the monster cup. Yikes! They’re everywhere!

Out of the Black Cave & heading to ANOTHER portal open in the graveyard. Harrigan fries a cultist w/ a flamethrower &jumps in!

@markdacres Only three sealed but a ton closed. Hit that stage where we are low on clue tokens…

@markdacres And we just can’t get that final gate closed before another pops up.

The magician just rolled through a zombie,a Cthonian & is getting hung up on the final warlock in the Merchant District.

Forgot to mention… the portal Harrigan jumped through was to R’lyeh. #Headdesk

And Harrigan makes it out of R’lyeh w/ a lucky card comes back to the graveyard and right into a monster surge of 4 monsters.

So a Hunting Horror, a Zombie, a Ghoul and a Gug all walk into a graveyard…

Wow. Totally slammed in the graveyard and Harrigan ends up in Arkham Asylum, insane and suffering from Agoraphobia.  #Hilarity

Yeah… it was a bad return to the graveyard…

Another extended break as we deal with a very jealous and naughty puppy.

Overview: We’ve got two gates open, three sealed, Doom track at 4. Terror track is at 6 due to monster surges.

And, we’re back. Harrigan goes and gets a loan as he is BROKE while the Drifter closes one of two gates. Can we do it?

Oh no… ANOTHER monster surge in the Graveyard AND it’s the final gate.

GraveyardNastyHave been out for a few turns trying to get Harrigan sane while others are doing damage control. Only one gate on the board.

Harrigan is heading back into the graveyard. #HereWeGoAgain

THAT did not go well. Snuck past everyone except the Goat Spawn and she messed Harrigan up bad before getting to the gate.

The idea of the soldier wandering around R’lyeh with a flamethrower and 2 points of sanity makes me happy.

“My dog is dead and all I got was a map and a press pass and you’re telling ME to stop whining?” -The Drifter

Harrigan is out of R’lyeh but can’t get the damn portal closed. Doc jumps into the graveyard to take out a threatening Warlock

I’m confused. I just looted Holy Water off of a dead vampire. “I was just trying to get better, man!”

So, Doc jumped in, killed warlock & got sucked into R’lyeh. If I close the portal, Doc dies. I’m forced to explore cemetary.

And things have taken a HORRIBLE turn in the past ten minutes. The Magician just died and we’ve got chaos everywhere.

The Magician, it seems, stepped on a dhole in the Dreamlands. It did not go well.

@Brandx_23 is now playing the Expedition Leader and has joined, what appears to be, the losing team.

A time limit has now been set instead of calling the game due to pissiness. It appears the Elder Gods are now on the clock.

In an insane flurry of activity when all hope seemed lost, we were able to close three gates in one turn. We won!

Casualties include The Drifter’s dog and the Magician wielding the Sword of Glory. Well, that and my sanity.

What a grind. Scored 22 points overall. Did not see the win coming. Now, to put these posts all together for a blog post.

Good night & rest easy. Yog Sothoth has been delayed one more puny evening. Dexter the Magician was devoured for all of us!


Arkham Horror is such a great game!  I have to admit I was so surprised when we won it.  Harrigan was down to two points of sanity and two points of health with very little left as far as his equipment EXCEPT for his flamethrower.  The issue there was that it was a one-shot use in combat and NOT effective against the monster surged hordes that were walking around the board.  Seriously, I’ve not seen so many monster surges in a game come down on the same spots repeatedly.  I’m amazed we were able to pull it off!

So, what do you think?  Should I do this sort of Twitter log again?  Was it fun or just way too much spam for those folks following me?

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