PreGame Post – A Supers Sandbox

SKSuperheroesSo, it would appear I’m going to run with the Superhero story line / sandbox first.  Part of it was based on a die roll, part of it was based on comments.  I’m perfectly fine with it and am actually looking forward to it.  Important rule of gaming – If you’re not having fun, go do some chores.


This is a bit of a pre-game post.  I spent some time poking around the internet looking at some random charts.  There’s also the Superpowers Wiki where you can just hit the “Random Page” link and see what you get. (For instance, I clicked up a Pyromancer who could also make Constructs from Love.  Perhaps a villain called Burning Love?)


marvelrpgAfter wasting WAY too much time doing THAT I realized I had old copies of the original Marvel Superheroes Game lying around the hard drive.  If you’re interested in this old classic I would suggest going to Classic Marvel Forever. You won’t be disappointed. (Note – I won’t be using the MSG rules.  I just wanted something for random inspiration and ideas.) So, flipping to the random character creation I decided to roll up a few and see what happened.  I was shooting for a general character idea from the attributes and powers.  I wasn’t interested in fine tuning everythin for play in the system.  After running through three or four, I decided to go with the first character I’d made.  It had worked out too perfectly to ignore!  I have no name at this point but here’s what we are going with so far…


Origin: Altered Human                Powers
Fighting : Incredible                     (Incredible) Distance Attacks : Slashing
Agility : Good                                 (Remarkable) Earth Control
Strength: Good                              (Good) Body Defensive: Endurance Recovery
Endurance: Incredible
Reason: Typical                              Talents
Intuition: Good                              Sleight of Hand
Psyche: Incredible                         Fighting – Thrown Weapons
Weapon Skills – Sharp


And, yes, this was randomly rolled!  I love the way the Endurance Recovery works with his Incredible Endurance, his Body Defensive AND his Earth Control.  I’m thinking along the lines of Unbreakable meets Bullseye.  I’m going with the fact the Earth Control is tied into the Body Defensive / Endurance stuff.  Not sure how at this point as we’re still building here.

The next thing I wanted to determine was, for this particular character, what was the scope or power level of the storylines?  For instance, Daredevil, Batman, Moon Knight and Nightwing are all examples of a street level superhero.  Going up the power scale, it could be a larger scope of power and responsibility.  For instance, simply using character concepts I came up with a quick random list using a single D6.  (I’ll be doing this quite a bit so get used to it!)

1-2  = City and Street level (Daredevil/Green Arrow/Nightwing)
3 -4 = Street level/ National Level (Spider-Man/Batman/Booster Gold  )
5    = National Level / International (Iron Man/Martian Manhunter/Captain America)
6    = Epic Level (Superman/Thor/Wonder Woman/Hulk)

As you can see, I wanted to put more of weight on a street level style game because that was what I was hankering for at this point in time.   The roll was, funny enough, a 1.  One super tough, martial arts loving, earth controlling vigilante coming right up!

Next up, I’ll work with some random generators( Story cubes, Story Cards, Random Tables) to come up with a character background.  Right after that I’ll give us a character write-up and we’ll determine if we’re going to start his or her story as an origin story or already on its way to being a hero!

Stay Tuned, Heroes!




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