First Things First

Alright, the shiny new blog is up.  I’m happy.  It looks good and I’ve got my very own gaming blog to call my very own.

Now what?

Roman_DiceFirst, I’ll be bringing a handful of articles over from the original blog and scattering their seeds here over the next few weeks.  I’ll make sure to mention something at the very beginning so it’s not mistaken for new content.

My first goal here is to take another swing at a project I tried last year.  The idea was to take a solo game, start it from scratch and build a large sandbox world.  As the character, or characters, go along the plot line the world would grow around them. Like a living, growing thing I would let it spread out as much as it could.  In the process I’d eventually create a source world anyone else could use if they wished.  It was a pretty good idea but I mucked it up by stating that I was also going to write fiction pieces to go along with the gaming.

Big Mistake!


It turned the fun of sitting down and doing a bit of gaming into a job.  I’d have a good session and then realize I had to take those three pages of solo game notes and write it all up as a story.  Bleah.  Not good!  I also quickly discovered I just don’t have that kind of time.

With mistakes sorted and learned from, I’d like to give it another go.

I have two ideas bouncing around that I would like to pursue.  There is a good chance that I’ll do them both over time and possibly bounce back and forth between them because they are radically different.   The goal with both will be to create a large scale world setting through solo gameplay and random ideas.

The Two Ideas
A.) Fantasy world with a main character of a Dwarven Archaelogist.  His adventures will help explore the world.  I’ve got a map of a world that was drawn one boring day with nothing attached to it.  There will be a decent steampunk flair as well as some sort of black powder weaponry because, well, I’ve got a thing for black powder weapons.

B.) Superheroics set in the modern day.  I’ve always wanted to create my own superhero cast and world.  Back in college I gave it a shot with an idea I really liked.  I want to give that setting a jump start with a central superhero character and branch out from there with other characters, etc.

I’d like to keep things simple and flexible. The system I will use for both will most likely be my Freeform Universal RPG (FU) hack that I will be sharing shortly OR I’ll use a little known game system called Instant Game, both of which are free!  I first developed the FU hack a little over a year ago and in looking it over I feel I let it get a little too complicated. I’m taking some time over the next few days to edit it and maybe par it down a bit.  If I can’t get it whittled down, I’m going to go with Instant Game.  Heck, I might just smush them together.  (This is the life of a solo gamer… always fiddling!)

The next part, the actual GM emulation will come in another hacked up form of the Mythic GM Emulator by Mythic Press and the 9 Questions solo game engine by John Fiore (Link coming soon.)  I will be talking further about each of these as we go along.

Now, the big question…

Which world do I start with first?

Any preferences?