Well, It’s About Time!

In an effort to reorganize my blogging and breathe life into not only The Yoteden but to my love of gaming, I’ve decided to peel off my interest in gaming and create this site.  This has been a long time coming and something I’ve resisted for way too long.  My very own blog focused on probably my oldest hobby that I love dearly – gaming in all of it’s varied forms.

I probably should have done this years ago.  I resisted and let myself believe I really didn’t have anything to say that others weren’t already saying.  This very well may be the case but I won’t know until I try!  So, here we go!

What will you be able to find here?  Starting off, mainly solo RPG write-ups, some thoughts here and there about story games and, if I get it going again with my schedule, posts here about my video gaming channel.  As well as new stuff, I’ll be porting old posts over here as well that were originally written on the Yoteden in time.

Consider this a first post and a quick explanation.  More to come as I’ll be kicking off a solo game and getting some older posts over here to get them archived!